This blog is written and owned by Stacey Simms (that’s me). The views and opinions expressed here are mine. So are all the words, unless there’s a guest post that’s clearly marked as such. 

I don’t accept payment for posts or for covering topics. I will accept samples and free products for review and will disclose when I do so. I do accept payment for speaking and some appearances.

I’m a community blogger and speaker for Animas Corporation. I work with WBT radio (Greater Media Charlotte) and do commercial endorsements for local businesses. I do voice work and am paid to speak on occasion. None of these companies or projects dictate any of the content found on this blog.

As part of the Animas agreement, they provide my son’s insulin pump and pump supplies at no cost to us. The current contract runs through December 2015. Animas does not approve or even read any of the posts here before they’re published. They just ask that I speak and write the truth about how we feel about their product. They do approve videos and posts I write for their site. I think it’s important to note that we chose and used Animas for more than five years before they began sponsoring me.

Content on this blog is not intended as medical advice. I’m the parent of a child with diabetes, which gives me insight into that particular experience. I don’t have diabetes myself and I have no medical training. Please see your health care provider for doctor-level questions.

What I write on this blog is as honest as I can make it. I believe in and stand by what I’ve written. Thanks for reading it.

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