Teenagers are special to begin with. Throw diabetes in the mix and you’ve got what my guest this week calls a “challenging time.” Moira McCarthy has a way with words and she offers great, realistic advice.

McCarthy is the author of Raising Teens With Diabetes: A Survival Guide for Parents. She speaks frankly about the struggles she and her daughter faced, after years of being a “model” diabetes family. You’ll also hear from an adult with type 1 who looks back at her self-described rebellious teen years and has some advice for kids and parents. Plus, what I learned recently about talking to my ten year old that I hope will help in the “challenging” years to come:


raisingteenscoverHelpful links:

Raising Teens With Diabetes (Amazon page)

Moira’s blog post, “Our DKA Story (The one I’ve never told the world before. And the one that scares me to share)”

Children with Diabetes Friends For Life (and other conferences)


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