Thank you so much for a great response to the first episode of Diabetes Connections!

This week, I’m talking to Jeffrey Brewer, former head of JDRF, now CEO of Bigfoot Biomedical. You’ll find out how this new company hopes to simplify diabetes management through technology and hear the story behind the Bigfoot name*. We also hear about a teenager’s first trip away from home and how a diabetes connection on the road made a big difference. I’ll talk about some important advice you can give your young child this summer to make school better in the fall:



Helpful links from this episode:

504 Plans (ADA Safe at School)

The letter I send home to parents after my annual talk at school

*This interview was conducted just before a few big announcements from Bigfoot Biomedical.  They bought the key assets of Asante, the makers of the Snap Pump, who recently announced they were closing up and stopping production. Bigfoot also signed a development deal with Dexcom. Good write-ups on all of this news from Diatribe and Diabetesmine.

The Diabetes Connections website is coming soon and the podcast will be available on iTunes, etc in the near future. I appreciate you being here at the beginning! Please let me know what you think in the comments and what else you’d like to hear.