"Camp KUDOS is the best thing we do all summer," said Benny. "Because there's nothing else where everybody has diabetes." 

Camp KUDOS is a three-day session, for kids ages 4 and up. It stands for Kids Understanding Diabetes with Our Support. Charlotte pediatric endocrinologist, Dr. Mark Parker, started the camp 16 years ago and it's a true labor of love. The office staff does it all with no permanent location, no website and no pay. These are amazing people who love our kids; we can't thank them enough!

You can click here to watch a great story WSOC-TV did on Camp KUDOS this year. The big guy getting tackled by 5-year-olds is Josh, a Charlotte fire fighter with type 1.  He is Benny's absolute favorite person at camp.

Here's Josh, Benny and all the Kangaroos (the youngest group) practicing their big cheer.

Last year, camp helped us get Benny to finally wear his medical ID bracelet. This year, he continued to gain confidence using the pump himself – very important as he's off to kindergarten in just a few weeks. Mostly, he had a lot of fun seeing his friends from last year and making new ones.

As I said, Camp KUDOS doesn't have a website, but you can reach them at campkudos@aol.com.

If you're reading this because you're interested in diabetes, please check out these blogs: This Is Caleb and D-Mom Blog.  They've both started lists of diabetes camps around the country (and they're great to follow if you're looking for a little help/support/education as a parent of a type 1 kid).