My timeline on Twitter and Facebook blew up last night as Ryan Reed won the Florida 300 at Daytona. Four years after he was told a type 1 diabetes diagnosis meant he would never race again, Reed got his first NASCAR victory. Very cool.

We first met Reed at a local JDRF event, in 2011. He was immediately active in the diabetes community; by denying his doctor and pursuing his dreams he became an inspiring role model. We met him again last year, after he’d signed with the ADA and the Drive to Stop Diabetes. Still the same kid, just trying to manage his diabetes and race.

I hope Ryan Reed has tons of NASCAR fans who have no idea he has T1D. I’m sure he has fans who don’t care that he has a Dexcom (just like Benny’s!) mounted to his dashboard and who don’t wonder what his blood sugar was when he crossed the finish line (yeah, I’m curious. Guessing high, due to the adrenaline).  I do know that when he won, the diabetes community went bananas.

Congratulations, Ryan. Hope to see you soon!

read more and see the final lap (click here)