My #dayofdiabetes was pretty typical. Which makes me laugh a bit. If you had told me before type 1 diabetes that I’d think this was a normal day…

Some highlights:

Normally, I don’t hear from Benny during school unless something is really off. However, this week we’re checking out a service that texts blood sugar numbers to our phones. It’s also interesting to me how after only 4 months with the CGM, I miss it if he doesn’t wear it even for a day.

After school I usually go through his meter to check numbers and see what supplies I need to refill.

The day ended with a last minute scramble:

Benny went to bed soon after. Slade usually does our last, late night check.

#dayofdiabetes is an informal way to share information from within the Diabetes Online Community, itself a pretty informal group of people on social media. Anyone is welcome to use that hashtag and bring us along on their journey.