This week I’ve been volunteering at the Chiquita Classic golf tournament. I’m in the media tent with air conditioning and candy so it’s not a bad gig. This tournament is part of the tour; the players try for spots on the PGA. It’s the new Q school, basically.

We’ve seen some incredible golf and local River Run looks beautiful on the Golf Channel. Of course, it’s Chiquita, so there are bananas all over the place:

Chiquita at River Run

Last night I was singing the Chiquita Banana song around the house. My children had no idea what I was talking about, so I pulled up the old commercial. We were surprised to realize it was designed to be educational because in 1944 bananas were an exotic tropical fruit. Don’t eat green bananas and don’t put them in the fridge!

I linked the 1940s commercial on my Facebook page when I got to the golf course this morning. Imagine my surprise when I ran into the current Miss Chiquita just a few minutes later. Too funny. She was great (the guys taping her are with Thanks for letting me tag along!)

(The guys taping her are with Thanks for letting me tag along!)

Here’s the original “educational” commercial:

And here’s me being a doofus with Miss Chiquita:

Miss Chiquita Stacey

Jenny Canales has been Miss Chiquita for 11 years. She told me it’s a great job, “Everyone smiles when they see me!”