We started using the Dexcom Share in December.  It’s a way to for me to see Benny’s blood sugar on my phone. However, for it to work, the Dexcom CGM receiver has to stay in a stationary and bulky cradle. We like it a lot but we only use it at night.  This week, Dexcom announced they’re eliminating the cradle. It’s a big step forward that will make it easier to monitor blood sugar remotely and most likely change the way we use the Share on our phones.

There’s more to the announcement (you can read it here). In approving this new receiver, the FDA also made it easier for future diabetes mobile apps. It’s great news and a really exciting time for diabetes technology.

Of course, using a Dexcom doesn’t mean you don’t have highs and lows, it just means you get to see them in living color:

mayo blog pic2

Pretty good, right? Sometimes there’s a lot more yellow & red!

Red is for low blood sugar, yellow is for high.

I told B the other day how Kerri at SixUntilMe calls the ups and downs Ketchup and Mustard.

He looked over at the Share readout on my phone and said, “Needs more mayo.”