On March 24, my alma mater celebrates a big milestone. Syracuse University turns 144* years old. For the next two weeks, school representatives are traveling the country, getting alumni together. The Charlotte event is tonight (3/13) at the Dilworth Neighborhood Grill.

I was recently in Syracuse, where the weather did not disappoint – 9 degrees and snowing! Kim Brown is the assistant director of alumni programs and she asked me to record a short message for the celebration. It was very much off the cuff and I was glad to do it.  Curious how it was going to be used, I checked out the CelebrateSU page:

photo (5)

Didn’t really expect to be on the front page (wish I’d put on some makeup!)  You can see my video below;  click here to see others. Happy birthday, SU!!

*Why 44? Since 1954, nine football players have worn the #44; three earned All-American honors (Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, and Floyd Little. I have a funny story about that, actually…). In basketball, two players (Derrick Coleman and John Wallace) wearing the same number broke scoring records. To reflect the importance of #44, the University’s zip code changed to 13244 and phone prefixes to 442 and 443.