Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory popped back onto the scene when the NASCAR Hall of Fame opened last week and he bought the first ticket.  But he ran away with a charity event Saturday night after a bike ride – in a ballroom. 


Yep, that's hizzoner at the Ballantyne Hotel, tooling around on a five speed.  (All pictures courtesy of the wonderful Ron Deshaies, Treasured Events of Charlotte)

It was the annual Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Man & Woman of the Year.  Part of the evening honored Lindsay and Landon, two tough little 4-year-olds. The children are adorable and it's hard to think about what they and their families must go through. This evening is a celebration, however, and the children each received gifts, including a bike for Landon. 

Right after that, McCrory spoke, giving a heartfelt speech about losing his father to lymphoma the week after McCrory won the Mayor's seat in 1994.  A picture of his father behind the mayor's desk stayed in the office for the 14 years McCrory did, and that picture was the last item he removed.

But as McCrory spoke – Zoom! - Landon zipped across the dance floor on his bike. A typical 4-year-old, he just wanted to have fun. He wasn't about to wait to ride that shiny new bike.


Of course, McCrory handled it beautifully, and incorporated the little boy into his remarks. A little while later, though, he saw his chance to get even.  Included in the live auction? Another bike!  McCrory took it for a spin all over the ballroom.  Not to be outdone, Landon got back on his bike and the two of them rode around in tandem.

No politics, no campaign.  Just a fun moment for an inspiring little boy, his family and a bunch of people trying to do some good.