Couple of weeks into the school year and we are off and running!  Girl scouts, tennis lessons, before-school activities, religious school and on and on.  The kids are busy and Slade and I each have our own crazy schedules. My calendar is crumbling under the pressure. Make that calendars.  

I have three right now. I've used a paper datebook for almost all my adult life. Remember those? You use a pen and everything!  I've also kept a Yahoo calendar since 2004 and I put some events on my Outlook calendar at work. 

I like Outlook because of the reminders that pop up, but I don't like the look or the layout. I love the Yahoo system, but it's not Blackberry-friendly. The paper datebook is only good if I remember to transfer the appointments to the computer. Yeah, it's a bit of a mess.


(At least I'm not as bad as this lady!)

I need a system that's easily accessible on a desktop, my blackberry and my husband's iPhone.  I want to be able to print my calendar out each week on stick it on my fridge. I'd love to get reminders emailed to me about important dates and events.  It should also make me coffee, wrap birthday presents and iron on girl scout patches. 

What calendar do you use? What do you like about it? I'd love some help to get this mess under control.