Every year, parents at our elementary school pitch in to make the teachers a take-home dinner.   It's a big deal, but usually by the time I respond, the sign-up sheet's full. You know how the mommy guilty goes, so this time I was ready. When the request from my daughter's class mom came through on a Sunday morning, I emailed back right away - we'll make dessert!

By we, of course, I meant my husband.  Slade agreed to help me out; I had an event the night before our dessert was due.  Also, he loves this stuff. He confirmed with me several times that this was for Lea's class only and he made a super cake for her teacher (who loves Snickers bars).

Possible trouble, though.  When Slade brought the cake to the class mom, she thanked him and said that our SON's teacher would really love it.  No, Slade said, this is for Mr. V.  No, she said, it's for Mrs. H. 

So while I was at Matthews Taste and Trade, Slade and I were texting our confusion back and forth and I was laughing about it with the event organizers.  Would you believe they had a cake donated by one of the sponsors?  They made me take it home! This way if we needed something for the other teacher, at least we wouldn't have to bake another cake. We would, however, have to do something about the icing.


When I was able to get home and check my email history, it was clear this mix-up was totally my fault.  In my rush to make sure we took part this year, I had committed to providing desserts to BOTH teachers – and had promptly forgotten.  Slade came to the rescue with a strawberry pie the next morning:


He'll be upset that I don't have a picture of the finished product, with whipped cream and garnish (if it was up to me, this would have been  Harris Teeter bakery special).  But at the end of the day, Slade was happy, the kids were happy and as long as nobody tells Mr. V that Mrs. H got his Snickers cake, the teachers were probably pretty happy with their treats.  

I did still have that giant chocolate sheet cake in my car.  I figured we'd had enough desserts in our kitchen, so I took it to work. It was much appreciated.