Did you hear about this yet?  A judge says the company that makes those Bratz dolls has to stop.  Not because they're just horrible, but because of a copyright issue. 

Bratzdolls You can read the full story here.

My daughter got a Bratz doll from a friend for her 5th birthday and it's one of the few things she ever got that I really considered throwing away. She really wanted to keep it, so I decided not to fight too hard.  Better to hope she gets bored than to try to take it away and make her want it more.  It worked and she went back to Barbie.

I know – Barbie's got her issues, too, but at least she has a job.  She's an independent woman (we don't even have Ken) with her own car, house and pony.  Bratz dolls have interchangeable high heeled feet.  No contest.