Does anyone enjoy this?

It started a few years ago. You come home to this Halloween sign and a bucket of candy and maybe some little toys or glow sticks. You're instructed to enjoy the goodies and buy some more so you can then "Boo" one of your neighbors.  When I see it all I think is, great, now I have to go out and buy something. Also, great, now we have more junk and candy in the house.

Booed3I love Halloween.  We've had the kids' costumes set for weeks – an angel and a storm trooper (thanks for asking).  We let our son with type 1 diabetes trick or treat and eat candy.  The best part is  going through the kids' giant stash when they get home. We say it's for safety, but it's really so Slade and I can grab any Reese's (him) or coconut/chocolate stuff (me).

The "You've Been Booed" just strikes me as another errand to run, more money to spend. I am sure it was created by a retailer – you can buy specially made up "Boo" packages at Target.  I know, I know, Rudoph the Red Nosed Reindeer was created by Montgomery Ward and we all love that.  But Ward's didn't ask you to run out and buy the newest, special edition Reindeer Games (just $19.99!).

We were going to really go Scrooge on this and ignore the Boo sign when we got one this past weekend.  But I forgot – if you don't put the sign on your door, you just get Booed again! So we got a 2nd bucket yesterday.  My kids were dying to run around the neighborhood and deliver their own package, so I let them.  Don't tell: I didn't buy anything new. We just took the 2nd bucket and passed it off as our own.

Hey, a new Halloween tradition – Boo regifting.  It'll be like fruitcake, we can all just pass around the same one!