This week, I went to a JDRF function as a volunteer and as a reporter. I brought my camera along to interview John Brady, the International JDRF Board President. That interview will air on Time Warner Cable News Charlotte soon. I was also thrilled to see Tom Brobson at the function. We’ve only met a few times, but it was like seeing an old friend.

Tom is one of the very first people to test the bionic or artificial pancreas. He’s seen it go from its days of testing in the hospital, to real- life experience, with doctors along for supervision, to more free-range testing. I was excited to get an update on how he thought it was all progressing.

You’ll hear that I start the interview referring to how Tom almost “ripped off his shirt” the last time I interviewed him. While I would love to report guys do that around me all the time, it was because I had misunderstood how a CGM sat on the skin. At that time, I hadn’t seen the Dexcom up close and I thought it had tubing, like our Animas Ping insulin pump. Tom loves to educate people, so he graciously showed me the gear.

Click play (below) to hear our conversation:

2014-10-07 18.19.162

(Hmm.. having a bit of a glitch on some browsers right now. If you can’t see the “play” button above, please click here to listen to the interview on SoundCloud)