We take a family vacation to the beach at least once a year. Sand and surf mean taking some care with Benny's insulin pump, but we've been doing this since 2007.  By now, we've got the beach time under control, right?.  Well, diabetes is just full of surprises.

Last month was our annual visit to Isle of Palms, SC and we hit the beach before we even unpacked.  Kids splashing in the waves, a family walk on the sand. Digging holes and building castles.  Exactly what we go there for. I felt my blood pressure go down just watching the ocean meet the shore.

Off to dinner straight from the beach (yes, in our bathing suits – it's that kind of place). Went to reconnect Benny's pump and – the tubing wouldn't go into the inset. I just couldn't get it to click into place. Slade took a look and realized the inset was full of sand!

I immediately knew what happened - with the sinking feeling that I could have prevented it.  Earlier this year we switched from the Cleo inset to the Animas.  The Animas comes with a little piece that you click in when you disconnect the tubing for bathing or swimming.  I used it once or twice, but didn't see the point; we never had any trouble with the Cleo and I knew I'd just lose the tiny clip-in.  Now – at the beach, with a suit full of sand - I got it.  Of course we didn't bring any little click-in thingees with us.

We ended up changing Benny's inset at the restaurant and then used an old tubing end as the click-in whenever we had to remove the pump. I like the Animas inset a lot and I'm glad this was so easy to resolve. We got to worry less about diabetes and spend more time teaching the kids to fly kites (below) and boogie board. It was a great trip (can we go back? please?).


If you're ever in Isle of Palms, check out Luke 'n Ollie's. We went a couple of times (including that straight from the beach visit). It's a fun restaurant owned by a friend of my husband's.  Make sure to ask Jonathan about his big win on the Price is Right and try my favorite, the fried green tomato BLT.  You could also ask to see the office/closet where we changed Benny's site, but that's not on the menu.