Went back to school shopping with Benny last week. School around here starts August 25th and we've learned that if you wait, the really cool Trapper Keepers are sold out. 

We've actually been prepping for the first days of school for a while now.  When you've got a student with type 1 diabetes, you have to fill out a few more forms, including making a 504 plan. (great explanation of the 504 and samples here at D-Mom Blog) I also had a great conversation with our school nurse in the spring.  We don't have a full time nurse – most Charlotte schools don't – and Benny's care will actually come more from his teacher and her assistant.Diabetesschool

Here in North Carolina, kids with type 1 are checked in the classroom, not sent to the office.  That's not the case in most other states, and it's only been the law here since 2002.  (more information on the law here)

I'm very pleased Benny doesn't have to interrupt classroom time to check his blood sugar, but I admit, I'm a little worried about the teacher having the time during a busy day to give him the attention he needs, even with an assistant.  I also just found out that the terrific nurse I talked to is being transferred to a high school. The new nurse reports this week. 

So far, Benny's super-excited and just wants to make sure I'll come to school and read one of his diabetes books (like this adorable one above) to his new Kindergarten buddies.  "So they get it, Mom," he says.

I'm taking a deep breath and planning for a positive experience.  The principal has answered all my emails this summer and has assured me they know the drill. We'll meet with the nurse and Benny's teacher before classes start and I know we'll come up with a plan that works for everyone. 

He's not the first kid with type 1 to go to this school, but he's my first!