How can summer almost be over? We’re back to school around here one week from Monday. I grew up in New York, so starting school before Labor Day still seems strange to me. Then again, so does shopping for new school clothes like jeans & sweaters when it’s 100+ degrees outside.

I just ordered a pair of boots for my daughter. She won’t be able to wear them until well into November, but if I wait there won’t be anything left in her size. So she’s trying on suede boots and turtleneck sweaters while it’s still bathing suit weather.

Benny won’t get too much in the way of new clothes – he’s the youngest of all the boys in our extended family so he gets loads of hand me downs. My cousin Kristin has two boys and she sends me a huge package every couple of months. She has great taste – I usually buy my kids clothes at Target & Old Navy, she shops at places like Jack & Jill and Nordstom.

I am in the market for some more pump clothing for Benny. I think I’ve linked to this website before. As kids get older, they can clip the pump to their belts or waistband, just like a cellphone. But at 2 or 3, most of them wear little fanny packs or special clothes with pump pockets sewn in. Benny’s got a couple of the pump packs and I’m thinking of getting him some pj’s or boxers with the pockets.

If you’re new to this blog, here’s a good link that explains how a pump works and why Benny would have to wear a fanny pack all the time.

It’s funny, he’s on the lookout for other people with belts. We recently started reading a Bob the Builder book and he thinks the tool belt is a pump pack. I can’t say I’ve corrected him. I think it’s awesome that he thinks Bob the Builder has diabetes. He already thinks Mickey Mouse does. Have I mentioned that?

When Benny first got the pump, our Animas rep suggested we give one of his stuffed animals a pump as well, so we rigged up Benny’s Mickey Mouse with his very own pump, fanny pack and all. It’s a sort of dummy pump, a sample that looks like the real thing but doesn’t have any working parts. We did put a real site into Mickey, and a real tube. It’s especially helpful because Benny’s site is on his tush – he can’t really see it. With Mickey he can see how it all comes together and can even try to take it on and off himself.

We’re planning a trip to Disney this April. Should I call ahead and tell them to put a pump on Mickey?