Al, Jim & I are set to play golf later today with our program director Bill.  The three of us haven’t played together in at least a year, and I don’t think I’ve every played with Bill.  Should be fun.  Could be a disaster.  I’ll let you know if anybody throws any clubs.

These guys are truly a fun group to play with.  I play a lot and it’s great to play with men who don’t automatically treat me like I just golf my clubs and I"m afraid to get them dirty.

I was once paired with a guy who rolled the ball back to me several times when he didn’t like my putts.  I didn’t like them either, but are you serious? He actually picked the ball up on the green and rolled it back to my feet.  He wasn’t even the most annoying guy I’ve every played with.  That would be the yahoo who brought not just his cellphone, but also his laptop into the cart. 

Sports columnist Bill Pennington talks about that and more in his It’s On Par, column.   It’s pretty funny, and unfortunately, pretty true!