Did you ever see the movie Meatballs? That about sums up my summer camp experience.  I spent 8 summers away from home and I have great memories of that time.  Got more independent, took on more responsibility and (ahem) may have learned just a little bit about boys. 

I'm hoping my children have almost as much fun now that they've started sleep-away camp. This was my daughter's third summer and I mentioned a few weeks ago that Benny had a blast at our local diabetes program. His first time away from home was a big success and he's already looking forward to next year.

Not quite the same as a trip back to camp, but Benny will get to see some of his friends and counselors in a few weeks.  That's because the folks at Camp Carolina Trails are organizing a reunion at our local ADA Diabetes Walk – and giving away a FREE week of camp to one lucky family.


                 CCT 2012 – love this picture taken by one of the counselors.

The event is officially called Step Out / Walk to Stop Diabetes in North Carolina and it's a fund raiser for the American Diabetes Association. There are two walks, one in Raleigh on October 20th, the other in Charlotte on November 3rd, open to all affected by type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Here's a link to the CCT's team page. You don't actually have to walk to earn your chance to win free camp, but you do have to join or create a team and raise at least $500 dollars.  To find out more, contact Lauren Scharf at lscharf@diabetes.org (Charlotte) or Paulette Becoat at pbecoat@diabetes.org (Raleigh). 

We'll be at the Charlotte walk and the reunion lunch after the event. Benny's already excited about seeing some of the staff that's signed up and we're hoping to see more campers as well.

I'm on the Board of Charlotte's JDRF. but haven't done much with the local ADA chapter. I'm looking forward to connecting with them.  Hope to see you there!

(Did you skip the link to Meatballs? The 1979 trailer is worth a minute. I promise, you will laugh. If not at the script, then at the clothes!!)