TidayNovember is Diabetes Month and today Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation kicks off something new – the first annual type 1 day.  Makes sense. After all, it is 11-1-11! You can find out more about JDRF and T1Day here. There's tons of info, videos, etc.

We're marking Diabetes Month with a pretty cool project – a family storybook.  Wish I could say it was my idea, but Becca Bernstein thought of it.  She's the social media marketing manager for Picaboo, a digital photo company. They're getting great buzz for their Love & Life Stories.  These unique books tell the story of something in your life – an amazing trip, a family tradition, even a biography or memorial of someone you love.   Becca's read my blog and she asked if I would be interested in sharing my family's story of diabetes. As you probably know, my son, Benny, was diagnosed 5 years ago, at 23 months.

Ever since he was old enough to ask for bedtime stories, Benny's wanted the last one of the evening to start the same way, "Once upon a time there was a little boy named Benny."  We make up a different story every night, usually about him being a super hero or an amazing skate boarder or a world traveler.  

I decided to write a little boy named Benny story that I could share and I based it on some of our favorite diabetes books for kids.  While it's meant for the elementary school crowd, I hope you enjoy reading it.  It'll be on the Picaboo website later this month.

PicabooI love taking photos.  I'm the mom driving everyone crazy snapping away during school events and at football practice.  I give family albums as my Chanukah gift every year to my extended family and I've used several different companies to make them.  I really enjoyed Picaboo and I plan to use it for all my albums this year. 

They're giving me one copy of Benny's book for free, but they didn't ask me to say anything nice (or not nice!) about the site.

If you want to shop around on Picaboo, they're offering a promo code right now – "Fallback" – click here for more info.

Can't wait to share the book later this month!