Last week, my friend and co-host Al Gardner had surgery for prostate cancer.  He was diagnosed last fall, but chose to keep his fight mostly private until recently.  You can read more about Al's story in his blog here. 

This isn't my journey to share.  I'm writing about it here because Al was kind enough to agree to an interview with me for my weekend program Health Headlines: The Show.  We spent the entire hour talking about his experience – from PSA test to family history to how his just-graduated college boys are taking the news.  His message: get checked, follow up and keep exercising.

Click here to go to our "listen on demand" page for Health Headlines: The Show.  You'll see a little set of headphones next to the show listing – just click there to listen.

Al's doing great and can't wait to get back to the gym.  You'll hear all about his workouts during the interview. If you know someone with a tougher routine, let me know!