Recently, I attended the Children with Diabetes Friends For Life conference where I was thrilled to record interviews with several fascinating people.

Natalie Irish is a gifted artist who one day decided to paint in a unique and remarkable way. She “kisses” the canvas, using her lips to create her art. When you look at most of these portraits, though, you’d never know a brush wasn’t used. Natalie appeared on Conan O’Brien show with her bright pink insulin pump in 2012. Her portrait of Conan still hangs in his show’s green room.

Chase Pelletier is a 19 year old touring car driver who’s already setting records. Diagnosed at age ten, he’s part of the Drive 4 Diabetes program as well as competing in the F2000 open wheel racing series in Canada, and the Pirelli World Challenge Touring Car-A racing series in the U.S. Chase had a driving simulator at the Animas exhibit booth at the conference, which was a big hit with the kids who waited to meet him.

What makes these people with diabetes tick? How did Natalie get the idea to paint that way and how does Chase fit his insulin pump and other diabetes gear into the tiny space touring cars have? These were fun interviews:



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2015-07-10 14.46.12

Chase brought his driving simulator to Friends For Life


The kids helped Natalie create a new piece of art at Friends For Life