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Diabetes Connections – Nightscout

I’m just back from the Children With Diabetes Friends For Life conference, where wrist bands play a big role. People with diabetes wear a green bracelet, those who love them wear orange. It’s incredible to look around a Disney World resort, see hundreds of people wearing these bracelets, and realize we’re all in this together.

This year, there were a lot of people wearing a new kind of bracelet, a Pebble watch. That’s because of the Nightscout Project, which allows real-time remote blood sugar monitoring to a Pebble (or a computer, tablet, smartphone – anything that can access the internet).  It’s an open source project that came on the scene in 2013 and continues to grow at astonishing speed.

The Nightscout folks were explaining the concept and helping people through the installation at Friends For Life. While there, I spoke to Kate Farnsworth, part  of the Nightscout Faculty at the conference and James Wedding, president of the Nightscout Foundation:


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Diabetes Connections – Friends for Life

This week I’m double dipping. I’m attending the annual Children with Diabetes Friends For Life Conference and I’m also making that the subject of the latest episode of Diabetes Connections. #CWDFFL is the largest family diabetes gathering in the world. It’s unlike any other conference I know.

On the podcast, you’ll hear from Laura Billetdeaux, VP of Education and Programs for Children With Diabetes. She sparked what became Friends For Life sixteen years ago when she got on a CWD chat room and asked if anyone wanted to meet up during her family’s vacation in Florida. More than 500 people showed up and it’s grown every year since then. Billetdeaux is quick to point out that many people are responsible for organizing and pulling together the conference and many other events each year. But she raised her hand and got it started.

I’ll also talk  about my experience at Friends For Life and you’ll hear from a mom who couldn’t find the support she wanted when her son was diagnosed with T1D as a toddler. She shares how she created the kind of group she wanted to join.



Helpful links from this episode:

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Diabetes Connections – Camp!

This week’s episode is all about camp. Mostly diabetes camp, but a little bit about “regular camp” as well. I spent almost all of my childhood summers away; camp was independence and fun and a chance to find out who I was, away from my parents and school friends. I’m so happy and grateful that both of my children can share that experience.

You’ll hear from Justin Thomas, the director Camp Carolina Trails, run by the American Diabetes Association and from Galen Horton, a staff member at CCT who works with Animas Corp. Both men were campers in the program once upon a time  and have a lot to say about why the experience is so meaningful. This summer marked Galen’s 30th at Carolina Trails!  You’ll also hear from a once-reluctant camper who turned her experience around and has loved it for nine years. Sara is going to Camp Kudzu as a Counselor-In-Training this year. And I share some information about my son’s time at “regular” non-diabetes day camp and sleep away camp.


Helpful links:

American Diabetes Association camp finder

Project Blue November diabetes camp guide

Sara (the camper you hear from) is starting a campaign to find positive diabetes support for teens. You can find out more on her blog or contact her through twitter @meow_its_sarah It’s a great idea!

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