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#dblogcheck – Challenge Ideas (help!)

#dblogcheck is the idea that, for one day, you comment on every single diabetes blog you read. It’s a great idea from Chris over at A Consequence of Hypoglycemia. 

I read a lot of blogs, but I don’t usually comment. That happens here; many people read this blog, but not too many write or react. Today, the hope is that we can connect and communicate more as an online community. So I thought, why not use that generous spirit in a selfish way (but for a good cause)?!

We’ve had a family JDRF Walk team for several years. This time around Benny asked if we could invite his whole school to walk with him. Of course we said yes. I convinced my local chapter to combine a JDRF Kids’ Walk with a JDRF OneWalk.  So we get the diabetes assembly, with the rah rah and the cheerleading and the education, but instead of culminating in a walk around the track at the school, our big finish is the actual JDRF walk.

We do have a “we met our goals” party at school on April 24th.  The teachers, the principal and even our town’s mayor have agreed to do some silly challenges to celebrate. Blue hair, blue tutu, ride a tricycle around the school. We need to come up with some fun, silly, not-completely-humiliating ideas.

Have you done this before? Any ideas for a fun challenge? Our staff is wonderful and is up for just about anything. If you have an idea, please leave it in the comments as part of #dblogcheck. Or just say hi. Either way, thanks for stopping by and checking in.


(Our walk team has always been Benny’s Brigade, but since there are other children in the school with T1D, we needed to change that. We got a little local coverage already (click here) and have some more fun stuff in the works)