Off the Dial

Hulk Smash!

After six years with an insulin pump, changing the inset is still one of the toughest parts of Benny’s diabetes management. The inserter has a long needle and even though it doesn’t stay in, it still goes in. I don’t care how old you are, it’s tough to get a big shot every three days.

Lately, I’ve been letting Benny smack the inserter on the floor when we’re done. This bends the needle so we can safety throw the thing away and it lets Benny vent some frustration. The other night, he decided to bring in the big guns:


Hulk smash inset!

Texts From School

Just like that, another year of school is over. Sixth grade, done. Second grade, finished. We’ll get around cleaning out the backpacks by August. Maybe.

I am so lucky to have great diabetes support at school. Each year we set different goals and expectations for Benny and, I have to say, I’m pretty proud of my little guy. Second grade was about more independence, which mostly means buying lunch more often. Our district makes carb counts widely available and Benny’s teacher went above and beyond, often snapping pictures of what he was about to eat to double check with us.

But stuff happens and things go wrong. Here are a few text exchanges with the teacher and staff from the year:


New this year: juice box explosions. Joy.


It was in his backpack. Where it always is.


I love that he chose asparagus for lunch! Just ignore the mac & cheese that’s also in that pic.


Slade was nearby so he swung by and did the cartridge change. I just forgot in the morning rush. Aargh is right.


My favorite! Slade forgot this is a group text threat with the teacher (Jen). We did buy the boots for Lea. Cute, right?

Thanks for a great year. Happy summer (just watch out for those exploding juice boxes)!