Off the Dial

Together at the Party

Around here, six seems to be the drop off age for birthday parties. I guess Kindergarten moms and dads are still getting to know each other, but by first grade, it’s have fun, see you in two hours! And those parents are off to Starbucks or the grocery store or maybe back home to nap. I don’t know, because I still stay.

I’ve written about diabetes and parties before, and since then we’ve given Benny even more independence. I’m comfortable letting him stay with new friends after a quick chat with the parents and he runs around our neighborhood playing outside all the time. But birthday parties are just different. Crazy sugar treats and usually tons of activity.  I’m thankful that our Chuck E Cheese days seem to be over, but cool laser tag or trampoline parties still wreak havoc with blood sugars.


From a different party, but still yummy

This past Sunday, at one of those indoor inflatable places, Benny went low after 45 minutes of play. The number wasn’t that bad (80), but he was probably on his way lower; he felt just awful. It took about ten minutes before he felt like jumping back into the party and about a half hour before he was really himself again.

That’s why I’m there, right? But I was feeling sorry for myself, so I sent out a woe-is-me tweet: “Always a little sad to be the only mom staying at the bday party (thnx #diabetes) but glad I was here today. #low


Almost immediately, though, another mom (@mad_livvy) responded: “@staceysimms you’re not the only mom we are all just at different parties ;)”

Different parties. Same situation. I love that idea.

The idea that I’m not the only one. I wasn’t even the only one at that hour on that Sunday.  I now had a great picture of other moms and dads of children with special needs, staying at parties, but hanging back. There if needed, but a bit out of the way. Doing what it takes to keep our children safe and happy.

Even when we don’t know we’re together, we are.

And there’s almost always cake.

War Zone

Here’s what our war against type 1 diabetes looks like some mornings:

P1020036 (2)

This was a recent night that started with persistent high blood sugars around dinner time. I changed Benny’s inset at bedtime and did the every two hour check for a while. Brought him down around 3am. I was very happy we didn’t get the usual bottom-out low.

Luckily, this doesn’t happen very often. Also, Benny is my neat kid and I had to warn him not to clean up before I took this picture! He doesn’t remember much of what happens on these overnight checks and he never understands why I always leave a mess. Collateral damage, kid.