June was going so well. My children were having fun at camp, my husband and I had a bit of time to ourselves and we had the whole summer stretching ahead. My prescription-medicine-induced- liver problems seemed to be in the past and I was feeling good. I even cleaned out closets!

But the very last week of June, something starting changing. I went to work, took some great meetings and looked at some new social media projects (while vowing to keep my schedule slow). But my stomach wasn't cooperating. My body wasn't feeling right.

GetwellleaI will spare you all the gory details here, but the end of June meant a horrible beginning of gastro-intestinal maladies that put me in the hospital. I was admitted on July 3rd and didn't come home until the 15th. I'm pretty sure I didn't eat solid food for three weeks.

A huge thank you to blood donors, by the way. I needed two transfusions while in the hospital and apparently I have a bit of a wonky blood type, too. Summer is a traditionally low time for the blood banks, so if you can, please give. I know I will the first chance I get.

GetwellbennyIs there anything better than get well cards from your own children? Here's Lea's artwork (above) and part of Benny's note (left). I may also try to make thank you notes from pictures of the beautiful flowers so many sent.

 I'm not trying to be vague about my diagnosis here; while my doctors have given me one, there are still some questions about exactly what happened, whether it's related to my earlier liver issues and where we go from here. And truly, how much do you really want to know about my colon?

My colleagues at WBT have been incredible as has management. I know there have been a few changes at the station this year and a few of you have asked if I'm leaving. I'm not. This absence was unplanned and completely health related.  I will be back as soon as I can get well. I'm hoping for a mid-August return, but it will be up to my doctors and my stomach.

Thank you so much for all of the cards, notes, emails, flowers and prayers. I'm so thankful for my husband who took care of everything, including making the world's best chicken soup.  My parents flew down to help and my amazing mother stayed for almost three weeks with the tiniest suitcase you've ever seen.  She's always been my superhero.  

A big thanks as well to my neighbors who filled my freezer! 

My co-host Bo Thompson said last time he knew I was feeling better when I suddenly appeared back on social media. Well, I guess I'm here again, so maybe this is a nice step on the road to recovery!

 Hope to be out and about soon. I'm so grateful to be getting better.