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Tweet or Feet – Week 4 (the end!)

We're still recovering from celebrating a JDRF Walk team fundraiser last week. Seemed like a great idea to have a drive-thru spaghetti dinner at my house. We thought maybe 60 people would place orders. Instead my wonderful neighbors turned out in force and we wound up serving 140 dinners.  That's 280 meatballs!

It really was fun and it gave a big boost to  our family team, just in time for the Charlotte JDRF Walk this Saturday.

Tweetfeet2I started this campaign to spread the word about type 1 diabetes and to gain some attention for the Charlotte Walk. Since the walk is almost here, Tweet or Feet is winding down.

As of today, #tweetorfeet has been seen by more than half a million people!  Thanks to everyone for all of your mentions, RT's and new follows. In the past few days, we got some great high profile mentions from Bret Michaels and Sam Fuld.

The featured links last week were:

Joslin Medalists

LADA Diabetes explained

Can an insulin pump (or any medical device) be hacked?

Major League Baseball player Sam Fuld

College Scholarships for students with diabetes

Our last winner, for helping spread the word, is @M_Furr – a JDRF advocate from here in the Charlotte area. Mark wins a $30 gift certificate to Rotelli.  Congrats!

Thanks again for supporting Tweet or Feet. I'll let you know what we're cooking up next.

(I know you're wondering - no, I didn't make anything for the spaghetti dinner. Slade wouldn't even let me boil the pasta!  I was allowed to clean up, though.  Thanks, hon.)

Tweet or Feet – Week 3

Tweetfeet2Very excited about the boost we got last week from Matthew Berry's followers and a RT from Jay Cutler! Trying to keep the momentum going for this week.

If you're new here, welcome! My 7-year old son has type 1 diabetes. He was diagnosed at 23 months and you can read more about our story by scrolling through the blog. Tweet or Feet is a way to spread the word about type 1, get some help for our family walk team, and give away some prizes, too.

This week's randomly chosen winner among those who've used the #tweetorfeet hashtag is @BaldingEagle5.  He's another type 1 parent and you can watch their awesome family walk video here.  This week's prize is a WBT gift package and a Twitter mention by CBS News Anchor Jeff Glor.

To enter, use the #TweetorFeet hashtag to help us spread the word about type 1 diabetes.  RT'ing one of my posts featuring a link is the easiest way. I'm @staceysimms (nice to meet you).

Our links this week were:

    Artificial Pancreas Explained

    The winner of last year's Amazing Race (who happens to have type 1).

    JDRF Charlotte's Faces of Hope video, featuring local kids

    JDRF National Walk video with Nick Jonas.

Brigade2012This week we also ordered our team shirts. Love the way the proof looks!

There's still time to join Benny's Brigade for the JDRF Charlotte Walk at Carowinds on April 21st. We'd love to have you! (just click here for more info). You can donate at that page as well, which would be wonderful.

Thanks so much again for all your support.