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Got Talent (2)?

One of the fun things about the Charlotte Business Journal's Forty Under 40 Awards is the talent portion of the show.  It's not enough to be the best and the brightest and get on the list; before you recieve the award, you have to showcase a "hidden talent."

I MC'd this year's award ceremony, so I had a front row seat. We had a singer (Keith Anderson), a tap dancer (Susanne Dixon) and a turkey caller (Jason James).  Douglas Edwards showcased his beautiful photographs, Keith Taylor memorized the names of all the honorees in alphabetical order and Josh Beaver can imitate Star Wars characters. 

There were some pretty slick videos:


Molly Grantham from WBTV can sing the 50 states (click here). (I'm so embarassed; that little red light behind Molly is me taping her with my Flip cam)  The audio from on stage was pretty good, but the video wasn't. We used the sound on Charlotte's Morning News – you can listen to the segment here.

I hope to link up some new pictures and videos in the next few days. If you know an honoree, ask them to email me their stuff at  I told the Business Journal they should set up a YouTube channel for this – but I think a few of the folks were happy to let their talent stay off the web!

I called this post Got Talent (2) because I wrote about this event in 2010  - a time long ago and far away when I, too,  was under 40. These kids today…

And Now… Migraines.

Did you know a first grader could get migraines? I didn't. But Benny's been struggling with this for almost a year now. I've been hesitant to write about this and I'm not entirely comfortable now. It's just such a mystery.

We've eliminated foods that are likely triggers. That worked after 3 in a row last September. But the migraines came roaring back in January – one a week (almost always on Mondays) for six weeks so far this year.

We're doing what we're supposed to – keeping the food and activity diary. His blood sugar's been steady around all but one episode (when he went low) and the doctors don't think it has much to do with diabetes. I'm now investigating allergies, but I am so frustrated and sad for my little guy.

The migraines are all the same. Huge, horrible screaming headache, then he throws up, then he sleeps for a while. There is one funny thing to share (and if I don't laugh, I'm only going to cry). When he wakes up, Benny's always super hungry and he always asks for something you would never want if you'd just puked. "Do we have any tacos?" "How about some meat loaf?" He settles for Ritz crackers and ginger ale, but I know he wants to sneak into the kitchen. At least that hasn't changed.

I'm happy to hear your legit advice about migraines, but please think twice before posting. I'm still mad about the guy last week trying to convince me his magic shake would cure Benny's diabetes.