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Tweet or Feet – Week 2

This week I'm getting some Tweet or Feet help from a friend at ESPN, so I thought it would be fun to include a quick personal sports update. Benny played his first-ever baseball game on Tuesday.

CatcherCrop2Trying something new means figuring out the best way to incorporate diabetes care without taking Benny out of the game. Right now, we're taking the pump off for baseball (did the same for football, but left it on for soccer). BG was great, ran him just a bit on the high side (170 at inning #5), and all good overall.

Benny played catcher for two innings, got two singles, an RBI and came home for the winning run. I may never let him play again – how do you top that? Of course most of these kids aren't all that focused on the score, at 7 yrs old they just want to make sure they get ice cream after the game!

Thanks so much for helping me spread the word about type 1 diabetes through your RT's, mentions and shares of #TweetorFeet. This week's winner for doing that is @KTeasOnline. They receive a one hour massage at Massage Envy and a Twitter mention from Matthew Berry, ESPN's Senior Fantasy Analyst (340,000 followers). Big thank you to Matthew for his help (and, if you're one of his followers, for reading this far. Thanks for checking us out).

Here's what we linked to this week:

Tweetfeet2The Big Blue Test

The You Can Do This Project

JDRF Countdown Magazine article about pregnancy and type 1

Hannah's Dream Team 2012 JDRF Walk video.

Tweet or Feet also got some media love in the Charlotte Observer Parent to Parent Column.

Remember, you can still sign up to walk with us on April 21st at the Charlotte JDRF Walk at Carowinds. Click here to join Benny's Brigade (or to donate). Hope to see you there!

Tweet or Feet – Week One

Tweetfeet2Off and running!

Week one of Tweet or Feet was so much fun – thanks for all of your support. Since this first week was just a couple of days – we started last Wednesday – I put this recap off until today (Monday). Going forward, I'll announce the winner and do the recap on Friday. Got that?

The randomly selected winner of those who used the #TweetorFeet hashtag last week is: @MCMcMillanMCM – Michael & Kathleen McMillan.

They win a gift certificate to Rotelli and a mention by Fox News Supreme Court reporter Shannon Bream (26,000+ followers). She's a little busy with health care reform coverage this week, but took the time to help us out. Thanks, Shannon!

Great to see the RT, mentions & shares. We even had a few people sign up for our walk team! If you missed them, the links from this past week are:

Artifical pancreas project update

"Top Chef" contestest Chef Sam Talbot talks about living & cooking with type 1

Our family page for the Charlotte JDRF Walk, April 21st at Carowinds

Week two will feature more information on progress in diabetes, and I'll introduce you to some amazing people living with type 1. Please look for #tweetorfeet on Twitter, or go right to my Facebook page here.

Remember, mention #tweetorfeet on Twitter or share one of my posts on Facebook to enter the weekly contest. Campaign ends April 21st with the Charlotte JDRF Walk.

Tweet or Feet?

Tweetfeet2Something a little different this year as my family gets ready for the annual JDRF Walk.  We’re calling it Tweet or Feet.

My 7 year old year son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just before he turned two.  He’s doing great, but diabetes stinks. It affects everything he does – playing, eating, sleeping – and it’s increased his chances for health complications as he gets older.  While the researchers do their thing to find a cure, we’re excited about new technology that’s already making living with diabetes easier and safer. 

Advances in diabetes take two things: money and more people better educated about this condition.  Every day for the next month, I'm going to use social media to ask for your help with both, with either a tweet or your feet.

Tweet: I’ll put out a message each day about type 1 diabetes. Please take a moment to check out the blog, video or info.  Then pass along the message with a RT or a share. I'll mostly use Twitter or Facebook, but feel free to Pin it or put it on MySpace. Storify or spotify -  I’m not picky!  We'll use the hashtag #tweetorfeet and I've got some fun prizes and social media rewards if you take part.

Feet: Join us at the Charlotte JDRF Walk at Carowinds on April 21st. We'd love to have you sign up with our family team or make a donation. If you'd prefer, you can make a general donation to the JDRF Walk here

So tweet, and spread the word about diabetes awareness, or feet, donate or join us at the Walk event. 

Thanks so much for your support!

Let’s All Go To The Movies…

These day, most of the movies I see are with my children. Sometimes the flicks are good, sometimes they're awful, but my kids are always excited about… the snacks.

MoviesI seem to lose all sense of reason and proportion at the theater. Tub of popcorn with butter? Sure! Candy in a giant box? Why not? No soda, thank you very much, but I have been known to let them grab nachos with something that sort of looks like cheese.

As you know, my son has type 1 diabetes, so all this stuff is a major treat. We do have some ground rules for dealing with these big carb/fat loads: popcorn or candy, not both, and I try to go the movies in the afternoon instead of at night, so the popcorn BG spike doesn't happen at 2am. We also don't go to the movies all that often, maybe once every two months.

Recently our local Regal Cinema improved and expanded the concession stand. At our last visit, to see the Lorax, Benny picked out a box of sour patch watermelon candy. Gross. We were debating how much I'd let him eat when he noticed the new menu included smoothies. He loves those, and they sounded better than his first choice, so I asked the manager for the nutrition information. They didn't have it. In fact, there was no info for anything on their menu other than the prepackaged candy.

I tried to looked up the smoothie on my phone, but couldn't find listings for Regal Cinema food except for popcorn.  There have to be at least 15 other items on this new menu. Since Benny gets his insulin based mostly on the number of carbs he eats, this is important information for us.

Luckily, after 5+ years of type 1 diabetes, we're pretty good at guessing.  I went with 40 carbs in the 12 ounce smoothie and Benny's BG stayed steady all evening. Got lucky this time, but I hate rolling the dice like that. 

I put in a request on Regal's PR phone line – we'll see if they get back to me. This snapshot from one of their theaters in California is as close as I got, but no carbs and it's from 2009.


I couldn't find info for AMC or other national theater chains – this article helps explain why. Seems movie theaters are exempt from all the new FDA labeling regulations. That's unfortunate. We already know this stuff isn't health food; I just want to make informed choices, even about the junk I choose to eat!

If I were still working in television news, I'd hire a local lab and do this as a sweeps story. (Announcer voice: "Fancy new food at the movies - why the theaters don't want you to know just what they're serving.") Hint, hint, my TV friends.

As of this posting, Regal had not returned my phone call. I'll update if they get back to me.