Great to see Linda Matney featured in The Charlotte Observer this weekend.  I first talked to her about 3 years ago when she asked if I would contribute to a book she was writing.  Imagining Heaven was to be a collection of ideas and stories from dozens of contributors from all walks of life.

Heavenbook Matney's husband died in 2006 and she says she found some comfort imagining herself at his side one day in heaven.  She  planned to donate proceeds from the book to Presbyterian Hospice and Palliative Care.

I agreed to contribute to the project right away, but soon realized I was in way over my head.  Many of the submissions came from clergy and others came from strong personal experiences.  I had been helping teach religious school at our newly formed Lake Norman Jewish Congregation, so I decided to ask the kids. They were great!

Some of the children mentioned seeing grandparents again, or imagining a place with a peace and love.  For my family, no surprise, it all came down to food:

Benny, 5: Heaven is where you can eat whatever you want, like hot dogs and hash browns.

Lea, 8: I imagine a place where you can eat unlimited candy – especially giant Hershey  bars. You can eat as much as you like and never get a stomachache.

Matney's book will be featured at Central Piedmont Community College's Sensoria festival this month.  You can read more in the article from The Observer, or at her own website here.