Off the Dial

That’s Why I Called It, “I Can’t Cook…”

When you write a book called "I Can't Cook, But I Know Someone Who Can," you aren't invited to prepare recipes very often.  That's why I was pretty nervous Friday on WCNC's Charlotte Today.  Host Colleen Odegaard asked me to come on – without a chef – and cook something from the book.

I decided to make Esther Marie's Fritatta. She was my mother-in-law, it's an easy recipe and I knew my husband's family would get a kick of out my attempt.  One catch – I'd never made it.  So Thursday evening Slade supervised and my children watched warily as I whipped it up for dinner.  I did fine, but I had Slade standing right next to me.  On Friday, I was on my own.

Charlottetoday Click here to see how it went on Charlotte Today. (and, yes, of course something went wrong!)

A big thank you to co-host Rob Tanner (who took the first bite - he lived) and to Larry Sprinkle, who makes everyone feel like a star.  Movie reviewer Sean O'Connell was also there – we talk to him every Friday on Charlotte's Morning News, so it was great to see him in person. 

It was fun to be back on TV after eight years and I always appreciate the chance to say a few words about type 1 diabetes.  But, I have to admit, I couldn't wait to wash off all that makeup!

D-Blog Day, by Benny

November is Diabetes Month and today is D-Blog day. This year, the topic is six things you want people to know about diabetes. 

I decided to ask Benny what he wants you to know.  So here's a D-Blog day post, dictated by a five year old who was diagnosed with type 1 at 23 months.

Six things Benny wants you to know about diabetes:

People can have shots, but I have a pump. It's blue.

Sometimes when you have insulin in your pump, going into your wherever your button (inset) is, and you have a lot of insulin going in, sometimes it really hurts. 

It's not a big deal when my friends ask me about my pump, I just tell them, "'cause I have diabetes."

I don't remember before I had diabetes. I just always had it.

When I'm at a friend's house and I want to eat something, I have to bolus myself.

 It feels pretty good to have diabetes in Kindergarten because I like to answer questions about it.

So there you go! I have to admit, I'm pretty surprised by that last one. But he is just loving Kindergarten and doesn't mind talking about diabetes at all.  Overall, going to school has been much easier than I expected.  Of course, nothing is really easy with diabetes. or five year olds!

Dblogday You can read more about D-Blog day and find many other posts here. 

Blue Light Special

This weekend, Charlotte families will do our part to raise money to fight type 1 diabetes.  The JDRF Gala is always fun – this year we're thanking Lance, Inc with the Living & Giving award.


(Slade and I help light the room "blue" for World Diabetes Day at last year's Gala.)

This year, World Diabetes Day is November 14th and I wanted to pass along the wonderful video below.  Please watch it.  Every viewing means life-saving help for children in the world's poorest countries (all the details are below).  It's a fun clip and short, just 1:49. You've read this far, so go ahead and click!


Every time someone views the video, Roche Diabetes Care will make a donation up to $75,000 to the Diabetes Hands Foundation. DHF will use the money to help the Life for a Child program, run by the International Diabetes Federation, and Insulin For Life. These two global, humanitarian organizations provide diabetes medication and supplies to children in the world's poorest countries.

Managing Benny's diabetes is hard enough with the best technology and our very good health insurance. I can't imagine dealing with type 1 diabetes in a third world setting.

By the way, the people in the video are not actors.  If you follow me on Twitter, you probably already know some of them!  More information at, the online community of DHF.