The week of July 4th will always have a second meaning for us. It's the time that we started Benny on an insulin pump in 2007. Can't believe it's already been three years!

We got off to a sort of rocky start.  You can read about that and why it's all Slade's fault here. (Love you, hon!) After a crazy beginning, though, switching to a pump was absolutely the right decision for us.

Benny is so young - he's five now and was diagnosed at 23 months – that he doesn't remember any of the early stuff.  In fact, he'll tell you he was born with diabetes and never had to have shots. Or maybe he just had shots for a week. But he was very brave (and of course, he was).

I remember our biggest worry about the pump was taking it on and off for baths and the pool. Other than the two times we forgot he had it on and he jumped in with it, that hasn't been an issue.  Did find out that our Animas 2020 is water proof, at least for the 20 seconds it was in the water with him!

I was surprised how quickly he got used to it and that it doesn't slow him down at all. I thought it would go flying off as he ran, played and flung himself around. Benny is one active kid and we very rarely disconnect for sports or play.

Grandmasandy I don't know how I missed it back then, but I just found this adorable book for little kids. You can just print it out and put it together yourself. I like the part where it says you can eat whenever you want – but don't spoil dinner!!

 (My thanks to Sandra Hollenberg who wrote it for her grandson, Malcolm, diagnosed at age four and a teenager now)

Of course, an insulin pump isn't a cure, but to me, it's an incredible technological advance worth celebrating  (and not just because a combo bolus makes pizza a lot easier to handle!). So light a sparkler and give up a cheer. Here's to our Independence – from shots – Day!