Is it possible we've been in Charlotte ten years already? 

My husband, Slade, and I had been married for a year and a half when I got the job that brought us here.  We bought our first house together, had two children, moved to a bigger house and boom. Ten years.

When we moved here in 1999, Concord Mills was open just one week.  I-77 north of uptown was only 2 lanes (the merge from I-85 was crazy). Birkdale Village hadn't opened. The Hornets were still in town and the Arena vote hadn't happened. My favorite Charlotte building, the Hearst Tower, hadn't yet been built and MLK Blvd was still called 2nd Street.

I can't claim to have been here for what I think was the fundamental change of Charlotte from a sleepy Southern town to booming New South city.  That happened in the late 80's and early 90's as farmland turned into developments and malls and uptown Charlotte added skyscrapers.

I still love the collision of cultures.  MoonPie and Frappuccino.  BBQ and Beaujolais. Cash and Crash, for the banking town with the speedy cars.  Of course, things have slowed down here as they have everywhere, but I'm still sold on Charlotte's bright future.

I was so excited to move here from Syracuse where I had been the morning anchor for the NBC affiliate.  Tired of the snow and of getting up at 3am, I was looking forward to better weather and a later wake up call.  Got the first, but the second only lasted a few years.  I was a daytime anchor/reporter at WBTV until 2002 when I decided to switch to WBT and morning radio.

Before this position, the longest I'd ever stayed in one place was three years.  I've been coming to work at One Julian Price Place for ten years now.  Hope to see you around here for at least ten more!