Off the Dial

Are you Lost?


I may have an advantage when it comes to following the show Lost.  When you get up at 3:30am, watching a prime time television show is it's own exercise in time travel.

I've actually worked this shift 10 out of the last 13 years and I used to try to watch a lot more TV.  The DVR technology makes it so much easier – yes I used to set my VCR timer to watch ER and Seinfeld – but I actually watch a lot less.  Of course, 13 years ago, I didn't have children so I had a little bit more free time.

Right now, I'm only watching news and Lost.  My husband hates this show.  My mom and I love it.  She's watched since the very first episode; I got into it during the summer reruns before season 2.  I love that it's crazy.  I love that we've had very little idea of how the mysteries will wrap up and I absolutely love that the whole thing will end next year. 

One of the best things about Lost is all of the analysis on line.  You've got recaps and comments at Television Without PityEntertainment Weekly has too many "star" stories for my taste, but also some  thoughtful analysis and predictions.  The smartest stuff is at the Washington Post.  The goofiest may be Lost Untangled, but it made me laugh out loud.  (There is a web controversy about that last one.  Check out The Fine Brothers' videos and decide for yourself whether ABC is paying homage or just ripping them off)

If you watch the show (and if you don't, are you still reading?) I'm with you if you're sick and tired of Jack and Kate.  I love Sawyer, I love Ben and I'm crazy about Sun and Jin.  My theory?  Sorry, don't have one.  Just hope they keep up the pace they're on this season all the way to the end next year.  And nothing better happen to Vincent. 

Snow Day, Crazy Week

This was already going to be a crazy week schedule-wise and now it snows!  No school for the kids today.  We woke up to 3 inches on the ground today - I think it's been at least five years since we've had that much snow!

Glad the snow came today, though.  Yesterday I had a fun photo shoot for Lake Norman Magazine.  They're running a story on my book and the photographer, John Simmons, wanted to play up the "I Can't Cook" theme.  Slade had just spent the morning cleaning the kitchen and getting it camera-ready.  We spent an hour messing it up.

I'll post the pictures when the article runs and I hope they let me use a bunch here even if they don't all make the magazine.  We took a set of pictures with the classic powder-on-the-face pose.  I didn't put enough on, apparently, so Slade took matters into his own hands.  He tossed a handful right in my face!  It was hard not to just crack up.  Hopefully the pictures won't be too goofy.  I'm sure the pictures will be fine.. it's me I hope that's not too goofy!

I hope the snow is all gone by tomorrow because I have something else to do.  Our public television station WTVI decided to broadcast a fundraiser for the Foundation for the Carolinas.  This is the group that, among many other things, is helping people in need this winter with an emergency fund.  WTVI asked me to help host the special which airs Thursday at 8pm.  Turns out a lot of the people I used to work with over at Channel 3 here in Charlotte are helping out.  Looking forward to seeing some old friends.

I don't have any TV clothes anymore.. I was going to go buy something to wear today.  Oh well.  It'll be home to play in the snow with the kids today.  Take advantage while we can – it's supposed to be 60 degrees by Saturday!