Do you go to your high school reunions?  I haven’t been to one yet.  I’m not boycotting, just never seem to hear about when they’re happening.  Plus, I live pretty far from my hometown, Yorktown Heights, NY.  But I’ve been thinking about it more these days.

I recently heard from a woman I’d graduated with.  She’s still in New York and gave me the update on a bunch of other people we’d gone to school with.   She’d just joined Facebook and was tooling around looking up Yorktown High School grads.  I’m not on Facebook, but I’m pretty easy to find.

I’ve also been thinking about high school because my hometown paper did an article on my book (read the story here).   The reporter asked me if I missed anything about home.  Jeez.  I moved away to go to college and except for three months after graduation when I worked part time and mooched off my parents, I haven’t lived there since.  Mooching off mom and dad is not an acceptable answer to that question, so I was sort of stumped.

I did mention two terrific teachers.  Dan Chanofsky, who helped me see that creativity and being different are great things and Robert Faigle, my history teacher, who guided me to a college scholarship. That didn’t make it in the article, but it was fun to think about them again.

Maybe they’re on Facebook.  I’ve been told it’s a good idea to get on there, to help get the word out about the book.  I’m reluctant, though, because I already spend enough time on line.  I’m one of those people who can look up after what I think is ten minutes on the computer and realize it’s been two hours.  Dangerous.

Maybe that’s because we didn’t have the internet when I was in high school.  We thought the word processor was pretty cool, though.  It’ll be fun to look back at all that.. if I do go to the reunion next year.  That  would be our 20th and I have to admit, I think it would be fun to see everyone again.  And not just on Facebook.