Bennygowildcast The players are back home, the students are back in class and even the home-made signs are a bit drippy after a few days of rain.  Davidson is back to normal, but we’re definitely not the same.

How much fun was that?  But what a heart breaker at the end.  Those guys will replay the last few seconds for a long time, but we all hope they can also remember the incredible moments that led up to the Sweet Sixteen game.  Coverage of what actually happened here, but you know that story.

That’s me and Benny at the send off last week.  Charlotte Observer photographer, Gayle Shomer, is a friend and she sent me a few pictures.  I think this just after Benny asked to go to the bathroom and right before he told me he wanted to go home.

On Saturday, a good friend waited in line at the bookstore Saturday and got t-shirts for both kids.  Thanks, Rich!  Our congregation is hiring a new rabbi and Rich was showing a candidate around town that day.  They wound up on the local news with Rich acting a little kooky – I’m trying desperately to find the video of that story and will link it up as soon as I do.  I hope he didn’t scare the rabbi away!  Actually, can you imagine a better weekend to come check out Davidson?

I picked the Wildcats to go all the way this year.  Keith Larson asked me to fill out some brackets the day the tournament started. (I copied Jim Szoke’s picks, just keeping Davidson through to the end).  He’s still having me come on his show with the other girls – who all picked UNC – but we’ll see how long that lasts.

I know some people are already looking forward to next year.  Tickets will be even harder to come by and expectations will be high.  But I hope we get a few more days or even weeks to enjoy this time.  Thanks, guys. We’re having fun, too.