Off the Dial

My Glamorous Life

So I’m driving down the road, drinking the leftovers of a Diet Coke and three quarters of peanut butter & jelly sandwich when I realize I forgot to shave my legs.

That’s me on my way to WBT’s 85th anniversary party.

Every working mom knows that going out on a weekday takes a special effort. Tuesday, I got home from work, took a quick nap, made dinner and jumped into mom mode. I kept trying to drag the kids into the house – I still had to change out of playclothes and try to make myself look presentable – but it was a wonderful sunny afternoon and nobody really wanted to come in.

When my sitter arrived, I had about ten minutes to get ready. Makeup on, get dressed, ignore the ringing phone (turns out to be my dad, I’ll call him back from the car). My sitter caught the dry cleaning tag on the back of my shirt – thanks! Then I was out the door – no time for dinner, which explains why I was eating the leftover pbj.

A drive down 77 thankfully free of traffic. But when I arrive at One Julian Price Place, I realize
I still have the dry cleaning tag on my skirt. The skirt which has suddenly become static clinged (clung?) to my legs. But, you see, I work in a building with a television station and we have a makeup room! A room where I keep not just makeup but hair stuff and… static cling spray. Also a lint brush and lots of stuff left over from my three years here as a TV reporter.

My plan to sneak in there and spray myself down on the sly is foiled, though, when I round the corner and see the cocktail reception is happening right outside the makeup room. There are dozens of people eating and chatting and blocking my path.

Then, Jamie Boll from Channel 3 sees me lurking and asks, “Miss, are you looking for the bathroom?” I guess I look a little different from my usual morning appearance.

I assure Jamie I’m not a stalker and follow him into the makeup room. A quick spritz and I’m all set.

It really was a great night for WBT. You can click here to see some pictures and to learn more about the incredible history of this radio station. I’m so proud to be a small part of it. Maybe by the 90th anniversary I’ll get my act together. Somehow I doubt it!

A Moving Target

I think when you’re first given the news your child has diabetes, you don’t get the whole story. I don’t mean that the doctors are keeping secrets, it’s just that the diagnosis itself is overwhelming. As I’ve mentioned here before, there’s no adjustment period with Type I Diabetes. You immediately begin giving insulin shots and counting carbs.

Once you get used to the new routine and can pick your head up a little bit, you start thinking about some of the more detailed aspects of this. Right now, we’re learning more about how different foods affect Benny.

We give Benny 1/2 unit of insulin for every 15 carbs he eats. We’re treating a carb from a banana or an apple exactly the same as a carb from a peanut butter sandwich. I’m learning that may not be the best way to go. For example, a plate of pasta seems to elevate his blood sugar a few hours after he eats it. That’s important, because the insulin we give him doesn’t wait – it starts working right away. So last week we had two days where, after eating dinner and dosing, he was lower than we’d like and then an hour or so later he was higher than expected.

I’m told the insulin pump we’ll get for Benny this summer can help manage the highs and lows from slower acting foods. I’m just beginning my research there.

Weeks ago I met a mom who talked about the glycemic index and how even green and red apples can effect her kids’ blood sugar in different ways. Our doctor had told us not to worry about changing Benny’s diet too much – we had always avoided juice and most junk food anyway – so I filed her information away and thought, I’ll deal with that later.

We’re seeing our doctor this week, so maybe it’s time to start dealing with it now.